Ventilators & Fans

Marelli Ventilazione - Ventilators & FansWe are proud to be Associated with Marelli Ventilazione. With over a hundred years of experience Marelli Ventilazione is today, as in the past, one of the most prestigious companies in the industrial sector, offering a full range of low, medium and high pressure centrifugal fans as well as a range of axial fans.

Cad programs are used for product design and CAE programs for engineering as well as programs based on models developed in-house. The entire production process, which takes place at our modern plant in San Martino Buon Albergo (VR), is constantly monitored and all our products are manufactured to plans conforming to procedures and instructions foreseen by the ISO 9001 normative.

There is no field of application from conditioning to agriculture, textiles to desiccation, from tanning to welding, foundries to glassworks to forced draught in mines, from heating plant to ceramic and brickworks, pasta and cereals, to thermonuclear plants in which Marelli Ventilazionehasn't specifically designed a ventilator.

Our range Includes

Low Pressure Fans

These fans are suitable for: bakery ovens, spray booths, driers, boilers, solos, cooling lamps and motors, sheds.

BA Range

BA Range Low Pressure Fan
Low Pressure Fan

BB Range

BB Range Low Pressure Fan

BC Range

BC Range Low Pressure Fan

Medium Pressure Fans

These fans are suitable for: shaving and metal grit exhaust plans, chemical industries, pneumatic conveyance of saw dust and wooden chips, tunne kiln, mills, silos, mines ventilation.

MA Range

MA Range Medium Pressure Fan
Medium Pressure Fan

MB Range

MB Range Medium Pressure Fan

MC Range

MC Range Medium Pressure Fan

MD Range

MD Range Medium Pressure Fan

High Pressure Fans

These fans are suitable for: tanneries, foundries, cement factories, mines, marble industries, tunne kiln, and draught systems for furnaces, tobacco factories.

AB Range

AB Range High Pressure Fans
High Pressure Fans

AE Range

AE Range High Pressure Fans

AF Range

AF Range High Pressure Fans


These fans are suitable for: tanneries, textile industries, joineries, yards, book binderies.

TA Range

TA Range Conveying Fans

TB Range

TB Range Conveying Fans

TC Range

TC Range Conveying Fans